"The Only Way To Do a Great Work Is To Love What You Do"

MHair, is the one of the leading company in marketer & importer of 100% Human Hair that produces Hair extensions in Israel 

My Hair provide a wide variety original and unique of extansions are made with 100% high quality Remy Human Hair, all our Hair is cerefaully selected and we used only healthy Hair

My Hair specialize is production luxury Hair extensions for the supply sector in Israel and a Broad,The company's main activity is done only by distributors who

strengthen the Brand products in a Beauty Salon in Israel & Europe 

If we have to choose one word to define My Hair that word would be an -  Quality

Innovation - Our passion for Hair and our Love for Creating Requires us to be attentive to the new trends of the fashion world and to renew in every Hair Collection we create

Over 20 years of experience and knowledge: 

My Hair Israel founded by: Cohen Asaf & Sharbatay Avi both have Rich experience in  Hair designing & Hair extensions

My Hair ensures for her customers a Strong & Reliable Brand of Hair extensions are made from 100% Human Hair in order to provide 

And to be sure that every women receives the best high quality satisfaction because at My Hair we understood that Hair is the most important accessory for a women who makes her feel confidents

My Hair Luxury Extensions 

100% Remy Human Hair

Plenty of options for extensions suitable for all methods available in the market

Range of colors which guarantee the natural color match

Easy to apply without cause any damages

Additional length & volume

Remarkable total look of healthy exclusive & luxury Hair

My Hair Company

   Provide 100% Human Hair - Sale by weight A5 quality

Professional Hair solution for thinning & loss of Hair

Merchandise - for Hair extension

Hair Care products Professional for Hair extensions







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